Welcome to Camping Seeker, the website run by a few friends who’ve been camping together from a young age. We are trying to build a reputable and trusted resource for everything related to camping and the outdoors.

We are all about community and sharing positive vibes.

You can read detailed camping gear reviews, handy tips, destination guides, and much more. We are investing much time to provide you with well-rounded and honest guides that will make your camping trips an overall better experience.

Meet our team

I’m Antonio, a passionate traveler who loves to explore beautiful places and stay in nature for longer periods. I was always afraid to camp outdoors, but after hearing experiences from fellow outdoor lovers, I simply had to try.

My first camping trip was totally unprepared and I probably haven’t slept for the whole night, but apart from that, my first camping trip was nothing short of AWESOME.

After a few years of traveling around the world (SEA, USA, Europe) and camping along the road, I’ve decided to share my knowledge and experiences here to help people who’re just starting out.

P.S. Since I was living in Vietnam for almost two years, and did crazy motorbike and camping trips, I believe you’d like to read about my adventures on my blog – Vietnam Chronicles.

Hello! I’m Krešimir, an IT student that’s trying to become an expert Android programmer. During my studying days, I’ve discovered a secret passion which is content writing.

Hey there, I’m David, an outdoorsman and a digital marketer by day, and a writer by night (when there is a warm cup of tea beside me!) I’m also an avid bikepacker, having cycled over 4,000 kilometers in the past 365 days, with minimum luggage and a maximum amount of energy and supplementation.

I discovered my passion for camping and bikepacking in the summer of 2020 when I and my brother ventured on a journey to the Adriatic Coast with our bicycles, tent, and a small number of supplies. Over the course of this journey, we’ve wild camped beside the portable cooker fire (in a region where bears and wolves roam), slept in a ransacked hut, and stayed in tourist camps.

My passion for camping really fuels my creative energy to help you guys out find the best camping gear and experiences available around the globe. Also, I’m a passionate outdoors photographer, and you can check out my work on Unsplash!

How do we produce our content?

Currently, there are way too many websites whose main goal is to make money fast. They miss the most important aspect of a quality website which is educating the readers.

That’s the main reason we are focusing on providing the information first, so you can possibly learn something from our articles and apply the information to your upcoming camping trip.

Our content is divided into three main categories:

Camping gear

The majority of our content revolves around camping gear. We want to help you pick the best camping equipment available online. When we first started camping, it was tough to find quality equipment that justifies the investment.

Our camping gear reviews are the results of countless of hours invested into research. We do comprehensive research and find anything relevant about specific equipment available online. Since we believe in customers more than companies, we put much effort to understand customer’s reviews, their needs, pros and cons of each gear piece.

That’s how all of our gear roundups are made.

Tips & advice

Since we’ve been camping around the world for quite a long time now, we’ve remembered how sloppy we were while going on our first few camping trips. That’s the reason behind creating these in-depth camping tips that will help you to use your space more efficiently and have a better camping experience overall.

Camping destinations

Everyone is looking for amazing camping trips, so that’s the reason why we started to write about the best camping spots around the world. You can find detailed guides on wild camping, camping laws, and furnished campsites in our guides.

How do we earn money?

We don’t sell anything directly nor earn money through advertising. Our main source of income that supports our content creation process is affiliate revenue.

If you buy something from our website, you pay the same price for the product while we earn a small commission from our affiliate partners. Here is a detailed affiliate disclosure with more information.

Do you have any questions or suggestions to make this project better? Awesome! We appreciate your feedback and always striving to make things better. Let us know your thoughts through our contact page.