Best 8 Person Tent For Family Camping in 2022

When you organize a camping trip with a large group, you need to accommodate everyone’s preferences. As you will inevitably have many things to do to make everyone happy, you should simplify things as much as possible. When it comes to accommodation, the best solution is to convince everyone to sleep in the same tent. Nothing compares with the laughs and giggles created in large groups.

How can you make this idea possible? It’s easy! You just need the best 8 person tent available on the market, and you have this problem solved. Do you wonder how and where to find it? Keep reading and discover more about the most convenient and performant solutions.

1) Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

Camping with 8 friends doesn’t have to be an expensive experience. Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent is an affordable solution for beginner campers. It works best for anyone passionate about camping who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on buying a spacious tent. Your friends will find it quite roomy, considering that it has 112 square feet. Also, your taller friends won’t have a problem spending their nights in this tent. Its height is 6’2’’.

Another feature that convinced us to include it in our best 8 person tent review is that it can be installed very fast. It’s difficult to imagine that someone can set up such a large tent in about 15 minutes. As this is a budget-friendly option, you shouldn’t expect it to be waterproof. Still, the material is water-resistant and quite decent.

  • Spacious
  • Affordable
  • Angled windows that allow air to circulate
  • A covered porch that can be opened for improved air ventilation
  • Carry bag for optimized storage
  • Not waterproof, but water-resistant
  • One door available, which makes the access inside and outside the tent quite difficult

2) Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Sharing a tent with 7 more persons shouldn’t be viewed as an uncomfortable experience. You can enjoy a breathtaking view and have enough room for improved relaxation. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent has one main room of 98 square feet. It also features a screen room, which is also quite generous. Its dimension is 60 square feet. The high ceiling of 6’5’’ allows everyone to stand up and enjoy extra comfort.

The screen room makes this tent special. It can easily become a second room if you zip it completely. When the weather is warm, you can use it as a porch and spend quality time in it without being disturbed by bugs, thanks to the netting on the walls.

  • Generous space to accommodate 8 persons
  • Mesh screen room and windows to prevent bugs from coming inside and secure air ventilation
  • Can be easily set up in 15 minutes by two persons
  • Zipped screen room
  • The screen room has a lower height in comparison to the rest of the tent
  • Not completely waterproof

3) Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent

Have you ever thought about how it would be to re-create the living room comfort in your tent? Red Canyon deserves a place in this best 8 person tent list for its generous dimension. You and your friends will enjoy a space of 170 square feet. The 6 feet height is also worth to be mentioned. Apart from the considerable dimensions, we also want to highlight the entrance single-door that has an awning installed. Therefore, you can enjoy some shade while relaxing in front of your tent on sunny days.

Besides, its strong frame can resist any aggressive and unexpected storms. You shouldn’t worry about rainy days thanks to its waterproof floors that improve the overall comfort. On top of that, the zippers have a special rain cuff mechanism ensuring that no water drop will come inside. Finally, this tent features two windows equipped with zippers to secure improved ventilation.

  • An affordable combination of price and dimensions
  • The available dividers help to create 3 separate rooms
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Improved shade thanks to the awning installed on top of the front door
  • Some users complain about the materials’ quality, which is not resistant enough for long-term usage
  • Not completely waterproof

4) Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Camping in this 8 person tent feels like you are in a palace. Browning Camping Big Horn Ten has generous dimensions. Imagine how you and your friends will feel in a 150 square feet floor tent with a height of more than 7 feet. You can even have a dance together and won’t feel that you are actually sitting in a tent.

Also, it has two doors. Thus, you won’t have to wait for the others to go inside or outside. The doors, together with the 4 windows and mesh room, contribute to the improved air ventilation. While it definitely has some advantages, you should be prepared to pay a bit higher price than other tents with the same capacity on the market. Also, considering its large dimensions, you should expect the package to be heavier. It weighs approximately 35 pounds.

  • Generous space
  • Two separate doors that allow easy access in the tent without disturbing your buddies
  • Efficient air circulation secured by the two doors, four windows, and mesh roof
  • High-quality materials that keep the tent dry during excessive rain
  • Room divider available to help you create extra privacy
  • It is more expensive in comparison to other 8 person tents available on the market

5) Coleman 8 Person Instant Family Tent

Coleman offers different options that make it one of the best 8 person tent solutions. The Instant Family model is a smart combination of functionality and sufficient space. It is an excellent choice for car camping. Its floor is 14×10 feet, which is enough to accommodate 4 large air mattresses. Thus, you won’t have to sacrifice your comfort of sleeping in a queen-sized bed.

The materials are resistant enough to not cause any trouble when the weather is not so friendly. Therefore, the tent is made of Polyguard double-thick materials. Even though it has large dimensions, you shouldn’t worry about how you are going to install it. You can easily set it up in 1 minute. Thus, you won’t spend your time and nerves trying to find solutions to installing it faster. Coleman 8 Person Instant Family Tent also comes with different pockets to help you and your friends organize your personal belongings.

For more models like this one be sure to check out cabin tent reviews and find alternatives.

  • Extra durability ensured by the Polyguard double-thick material
  • Fast and easy setup mechanism
  • Spacious floor or 14×10 feet
  • Storage pockets to help everyone stay organized while living together
  • It has only one door which can become quite inconvenient when you live in the same place with a large group
  • Some users mention that the materials are not waterproof

Things to Consider When Buying the Best 8 Person Tent

8 person tent guide

When you decide to buy an 8 person tent, you don’t have to choose the most expensive product. Not always a higher price guarantees for the best quality. You need a clear set of criteria instead of choosing a tent that satisfies your needs. Thus, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Space
  • How easy can you set it up
  • Ventilation
  • Materials’ durability
  • Available features


When you think of an 8 person tent, it seems obvious that it should be large enough to fit 8 persons. However, most producers make this type of tent large enough to accommodate 8 individuals sleeping like sardines. But you don’t want this, isn’t it?

Therefore, before you jump into spending your money on the first 8 person tent you find available, you should carefully check the dimensions. You should not forget that you will also need enough space for your backpacks and personal things apart from you and your friends. Therefore, you should look for a tent with a floor of 140-150 feet and a height of approximately 6.5 feet. This dimension is generous enough to allow you to stand up if you need it and have sufficient room to put 4 queen-sized air mattresses.


Such a large tent is also quite heavy. Therefore, you might have trouble setting it up and need extra help. So, you should carefully check what past customers mention about the installation process. Fortunately, producers have considered this aspect and developed 8 person tents installed in less than 20 minutes.

For instance, you can choose the pop-up tent if you want to set it up without additional help in just 60 seconds. On the other hand, if you prefer free-standing tents, you will need your friends to give you a hand. As long as you pay attention to the producer’s instructions and follow all the recommended steps, you won’t have a problem installing it in 15-20 minutes.


Efficient ventilation is essential when you want to spend several days in a tent with 7 more people. Therefore, you should look for a tent that has several windows and at least two doors.

This feature is great not only for easy access and comfort but also for improved air circulation. You should also look up for air vents as they will also help in ensuring a natural airflow inside your tent.


When you decide to invest in such a large tent, you expect to use it for years. So, you will need to pay attention to the materials used. It is essential that your tent is waterproof and made of solid materials that resist unexpected storms. Ripstop nylon is a popular material these days.

It resists tears and cuts. Polyester is also similar to nylon, but it is more resistant to UV damage. So, if you prefer to go camping during hot summer days, a tent made of polyester will be a smarter choice for the long term. Finally, cotton duck canvas is a premium material as it keeps you dry and warm. However, the canvas is heavier than other materials.

Available Features

Family tent

The 8 person tent should come with additional features to make it worth the investment. Thus, you should look for the following add-ons:

  • Two entrance doors
  • Room dividers available for increased privacy
  • Storage pockets and generous vestibules
  • Various mesh windows for improved ventilation that also keep you away from bugs

When 8 persons live in the same place for a few days, they will need some privacy and additional space to feel comfortable. Therefore, a tent that comes with dividers allows you to create a smaller space that offers extra privacy. The doors will also allow everyone to go in and out of the tent without disturbing the others.

Another advantage brought by the doors together with the windows is that they offer improved ventilation. It is essential to have mesh windows to protect you from bugs as well. Besides, they will offer an incredible view of nature when you stay up late together with your friends.

Final Words

Camping with friends is one of the most relaxing activities for nature lovers. You cannot compare this mesmerizing experience with anything else. It allows you to be free and spend memorable moments with your best companions. However, apart from the good vibes, you also need a sturdy tent to keep you warm during rainy days.

By investing your budget in any of these best 8 person tents, you will enjoy the same comfort and relaxation as if you were at home. Even though some solutions might seem a bit pricier, you should view them as a long-term investment that helps you generate incredible memories.

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