5 Best Cabin Tents for Comfortable Group Camping

Looking for spacious tents that are ideal for your camping group while also being quite comfortable? We all know the tedious feeling of having to bend down to walk around the tent. Thankfully, cabin tents are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort, even for the tallest of individuals. In this post, we will show you our list of the best cabin tents that are specifically made for group or family camping.

Tents should be synonymous with comfort, and our picks reflect just that! Read on further to find out more!

1) UNP 6-Person Cabin Tent

UNP 6-Person Cabin Tent

We are kicking off our list with one of the best cabin tents for tall people. This 6-person camping tent has a center height of 78 in (198 cm), which is absolutely amazing for tall people. That is further complemented with the floor size of 10 ft x 9 ft (3,05 m x 2,74 m), which is enough space to put at least 2 queen-sized air mattresses.

So, how long does it take to set up this beauty? If you are doing it solo, it can take you 15 – 30 minutes to get the hang of it the first time. The tent comes with four steel poles and three fiberglass poles that are quite simple to set up. It’s the right combination that balances carry weight and higher durability. On the other hand, you can set up this tent in a few minutes if you are with a group.

Another thing that we love about this cabin tent is that it provides lots of ventilation, along with high water resistance. It has two D-shaped doors and two roof vents that will give a cross-airflow effect thanks to the ground vent. The tent fabric and included rainfly are made of 185T Polyester fabric, with 1000mm water-resistance rating. Just to mention, the rainfly is quite tight, so it may be a bit more challenging to put it on. This, in combination with the sturdiness of the RipStop material and seam sealing, makes this tent ideal for harsh weather conditions.

Other useful features are storage pockets and the electrical access port. The UNP 6-person cabin tent is definitely worth your money, thanks to the enormous space it provides, along with suitable weather resistance and ventilation.

  • High center height ideal for tall people
  • Very simple to set up
  • Weather-resistance is top-notch
  • Comes with additional storage pockets and electrical access port
  • Rainfly is hard to set up

2) QT QOMOTOP Instant Cabin Tent

QT QOMOTOP Instant Cabin Tent

Just a note, this instant cabin tent features several variants:

  • 4-person
  • 6-person
  • 8-person
  • 10-person

Basically, you can choose a backpacking cabin tent or a family cabin tent, with an instant setup included in the package! It comes with pre-attached telescopic steel poles, so it is up to you to extend them and set up the tent in just a few minutes!

For a 3-season tent, it offers quite a lot on the ventilation aspect. It features three foldable windows from all sides for increased airflow. Also, there is a mesh roof and an adjustable ground vent to provide even more ventilation. Just a friendly reminder that this instant cabin tent won’t be ideal for winter because of so much ventilation provided, even with the included rainfly that blocks the roof.

As this is a freestanding camping tent, it won’t be the best performer in high winds. Thankfully, the manufacturer has included nine stakes! If high winds start blowing, make sure to attach them to the designated spots at the base of the tent.

This cabin tent will fit a queen-sized mattress or even more of them, depending on the variant you pick. One gripe may be the single D-shaped door, which may complicate getting in and out of the tent when a group is sleeping inside.

From a durability standpoint, the floor features welded corners to prevent damage from rocks and similar sharp objects. The tent fabric is made of 86D Polyester, which offers plenty of protection from the rain. Still, if you use this tent in winter, the ventilation system will increase the condensation, so you will definitely need extra blankets to prevent that.

Extra features include storage pockets and an electrical cord port. Summing up, the QT QOMOTOP instant cabin tent will provide a lightweight, easy to set up, and exceptionally durable tent that performs marvelously in all seasons with the exclusion of winter.

  • Different variants on offer
  • Very easy to set up in a few minutes
  • Great ventilation system
  • Comes with stakes to increase wind resistance
  • Durable fabric material
  • Thin walls and ventilation system not the best for winter camping
  • Single entrance

3) Browning Camping Big Horn Tent For 8 People

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent For 8 People

Looking for one of the best cabin tents when it comes to size? Well, few come close to the awesomeness of this freestanding cabin tent. This 3-season tent features a center height of 87 in (221 cm), a tremendous number. Also, it offers quite enough space for 8 people, as it has a total floor area of 150 square feet (13,9 square meters). Another great feature is that this tent comes with a room divider that effectively splits the tent into two rooms.

Each room has a separate mesh door, and the tent itself has 6 mesh windows. The mesh roof offers additional ventilation too. The tent walls are water-resistant, with factory-sealed seams. For further protection, the rainfly is made of 75D 185T Polyester, which should be water-resistant (there is no precise info on the rating itself). At least we know that the floor will protect you from elements, as it is made of extra-durable 150D Polyester Oxford fabric, with a 2000mm water-resistance rating.

It is fairly easy to set up its structure in about 15 minutes of your time, even though it comes with 11 poles that create a durable structure for the main structure, center, roof, and small awnings above the doors. Of course, it comes with 3 storage pockets per room.

If you are looking for an amazing family cabin tent, few come close to Browning Big Horn!

  • Very large cabin tent fit for family camping
  • Features two rooms
  • Easy to set up considering its size
  • Very durable
  • Quite a heavy tent
  • Not able to withstand too much rain and snow due to height

4) CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 9-person instant cabin tent is yet another top pick if you want an extra-large tent in which you can walk around effortlessly. It is quite spacious for 9 people as advertised, and it certainly fits two queen mattresses inside. This CORE tent is ideal for family and group camping and tall people – as it features a center height of 78 in (198 cm).

You can easily set this tent up in a few minutes, thanks to the pre-attached telescopic tent poles. It also comes with stakes to help with wind resistance, but honestly, they are quite weak and could use a replacement if you plan to camp out in windy conditions.

If you are looking for private space, the CORE 9-person cabin tent features a detachable room divider. This is a great bonus, as you can create more privacy or a huge group area. Of course, there are storage pockets included and an electrical port to plug in your electronics.

There is quite a lot of ventilation options on offer here. You have ground vents, large mesh windows, and a mesh roof that is great for stargazing and easily coverable with a rainfly. Mind you, this is a 3-season tent, so it definitely won’t support too much rain or snow on the roof.

Nevertheless, the CORE 9 is an ideal pick if you want an awesome family cabin tent with an instant setup.

  • Offers lots of space
  • Great ventilation
  • Comes with a room divider
  • Very easy to set up
  • Not able to withstand too much rain and snow due to height
  • Throwaway stakes

5) Coleman 6-Person Cabin Tent With Instant Setup

Coleman 6-Person Cabin Tent With Instant Setup

Last but not least, here is this absolute gem from Coleman! It’s very similar to the CORE tent, as it offers great ventilation and a quick setup. Still, it is a smaller tent made for smaller groups. The tagline for this 6-person instant cabin tent states that it can fit 2 queen-sized air mattresses, but that’s really not the case. It has 6 ft (183 cm) of center height, which will be quite enough for most individuals.

When it comes to durability and weather protection, it comes with the signature WeatherTec system. This system features a welded floor as well as inverted fabric stitches to prevent water leakages. Also, the Coleman Instant Cabin Tent features a double-layered fabric, which helps even more with water resistance. Another bonus to protection is an integrated rainfly that saves on weight but provides less protection than an external rainfly. Sadly, you can’t remove it, so no stargazing in this tent.

The ventilation is quite good thanks to the large front door, windows on each wall, and a roof vent. Basically, this tent is a jack-of-all-trades on this list, and considering its price, it’s a great option for beginner campers.

  • Great water resistance
  • Good ventilation
  • Simple setup
  • Quite spacious for 6 people
  • Rainfly not removable
  • Only one door

Best Cabin Tents For Comfortable Group Camping – Buyer’s Guide

Cabin tent

Now that you know our picks for the best cabin tents for group camping, here are some of the main features to consider when looking for one. We aim to save your time and educate you on the different specifications, numbers, and tags that come with every product listing on the Internet or in your local camping store.

Size & Capacity

When you are looking for a cabin tent, the first consideration should be the capacity of the tent itself. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many people will sleep inside the tent?
  • How much personal space do you want?
  • Am I going car camping or backpacking?

Keep in mind that many tents utilize fake advertising, especially when it comes to size. Some have taglines like “10-person tent”, when in reality, they could fit 8 people at best. With this in mind, it is smart to halve the suggested capacity number to get a realistic outlook on the cabin tent capacity.

If you want a little bit of privacy, cabin tents have got you covered! Most of them have room dividers, which effectively divide the tent space to provide a private room to the campers.

Cabin tents are usually higher than dome tents, so you will most likely be able to stand inside them too. That’s why it’s essential to check the ceiling height to have the most comfortable camping experience.

Also, keep in mind that cabin tents are not the best for backpacking, as they will take up lots of space in your trusty backpack. But, they outperform almost any other tent type when it comes to group and family camping. With that said, there are some compact cabin tents if you really want to try out backpacking with them.

Setup Time

As cabin tents are pretty large, the setup time is also longer than with other tent types.

When it comes to the setup time of these tents, there are options. If you are camping out solo, you will like ‘instant cabin’ tents, as they will basically be fully pitched in a minute or two. They have the poles already attached, so it is up to you to set the tent straight. Keep in mind that instant cabin tents are smaller than the regular ones.

Of course, the larger cabin tents will take much longer than a minute or two to set up. Still, if camping with a group, you will certainly require a larger tent. Larger tents come with separate poles, so you will need to attach them to the tent and set up the structure yourself. This process can last from 15 to 20 minutes.

To summarize:

  • Instant cabin tents are great for solo campers, as you can pitch them in just a few minutes. The downside to this type of cabin tent is its noticeably smaller size.
  • Regular cabin tents take around 15 to 20 minutes to set up, which may be a chore for some. Nevertheless, these tents are more spacious than instant cabin tents.

Durability & Water Resistance

The rule of thumb goes like this: the higher the price, the higher the durability. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid the budget cabin tent options altogether. But, it is essential to know which materials are the most durable, even if you are choosing a budget option. After all, you don’t want your tent to fall apart after the first raindrops.

For the tent floor, the best material is Polyethylene. It offers suitable water resistance and will stop any moisture from forming. If the cabin tent floor doesn’t have this kind of flooring, investing in a tent footprint may not be quite a bad idea to increase its durability.

When it comes to tent fabric and rainfly material, you will mostly see Polyester material, with various water resistance ratings.

So, if you are going summer camping, an excellent water-resistance rating would be between 500mm to 800mm. On the other hand, the ideal water-resistance rating for winter camping is 1000mm and above.

You will see Denier ratings along with water-resistance ratings. These indicate the thickness of the fabric. Look for cabin tents that have RipStop fabric or with Denier ratings of 50 and above. With that, you will be sure that your tent will withstand harsh conditions like high winds and heavy rain.

The last thing that will determine how your cabin tent will withstand harsh weather conditions is the pole material. After all, they will form the main structure of your tent. Fiberglass poles are lighter but less stable, while steel poles are heavier but more sturdy. Summarized, pick fiberglass poles if you are backpacking and steel poles if you are car camping.


As cabin-style tents feature a design that accommodates more people in one tent, you will certainly want more ventilation. Why is that so? Well, with more people, there will be more heat. If there is no ventilation inside the tent, this heat may turn into condensation, which can turn into moisture after some time. You certainly don’t want that, as that comes hand in hand with nasty tent odors!

p.s. want to know how to heat a tent without electricity? You’ve just got one tip and here are 6 more! Get ready for harsh winter conditions and always have a warm tent.

That’s why cabin camping tents are mostly designed for 3 seasons, as they will require additional airflow. If you camp out in them during winter, you need to expect some cold air to come inside too. So, look for specific ventilation features such as:

  • More doors (mesh doors are a bonus)
  • Mesh roof for stargazing opportunities (great for summer camping, not so for winter camping)
  • Lots of windows
  • Rainfly (will help with toggling between high and low ventilation, you can also use blankets)
  • Ground vents (cross-airflow effect great in combination with rainfly)

With that in mind, it’s up to you to decide. Just keep in mind that you tailor your decision to the season you are mainly going to camp in.


With our list of best cabin tents for group and family camping, you can stay assured that they will be the most comfortable picks for you and your group. Our selections vary by size, but the most important thing that prevails with each choice is superior durability and amazing ventilation. Without further ado, we wish you a fantastic camping experience!

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