7 Best Camping Chairs for Bad Back in 2022

You know these memorable camping nights when you gather around the fire and gaze in its fiery sparks and a chat with your favorite camping partners? During most of these nights, you would sit on the floor or crouch, which isn’t the most comfortable option. If you have back problems, you may experience severe pain when getting up from such a position, which could further add to your spine’s deterioration.

You certainly don’t want that, and that’s why we have compiled this list of the best camping chairs for bad back with a focus on accessibility, comfort, and durability!

1) Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair

We are kicking off our list with the absolute best camping chair for bad back, which happens to be the best reclining camping chair on the market. Even better, the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair is suitable even for taller individuals, as it features dimensions of 43,5” x 22” x 21,3” (110,49 cm x 55,88 cm 54,10 cm). When you fully recline it, its length is 72″ (183 cm).

The durable steel tube frame construction and bungee suspension system ensure that this reclining camping chair will hold up to 350 lbs of weight (159 kg). You can easily carry around this camping chair, as it isn’t heavy, and it is effortless to fold and unfold.

People with bad backs enjoy sitting on this chair as it is very flexible. You can use the locking levels with relative ease to recline the chair from a fully upright position to laid back position. So, if you want to read or to take a nap, this Timber Ridge camping chair will provide you with superior comfort! The bungee suspension system further enhances the experience, as it gives an illusion of zero gravity. Yes, this camping chair is not a true zero gravity chair.

For added relaxation, the seating is fully padded and includes a removable pillow that you can adjust for neck or lumbar support. Also, the added bonus are the wooden armrests, which are incredibly comfortable, and you can use them as cup holders which is a great addition to always have your cold beer next to you.

Keep in mind that you should put this chair away every time that you don’t use it. The steel frame tends to rust over time, and the wooden armrests are susceptible to damage from rain and moisture. If any damage happens, you will be happy to know that the manufacturer offers a 1-year guarantee for this chair!

  • Excellent for heavier individuals, as it can hold up to 350 lbs (159 kg)
  • The seating is fully padded
  • Comes with an adjustable pillow for additional neck or lumbar support
  • Very flexible camping chair
  • Wooden armrests that serve as cup holders
  • The chair is pretty susceptible to the elements, so make sure to keep it away when you don’t use it

2) Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Folding Camping Chair

Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Folding Camping Chair

Albeit a bit pricey, this zero gravity camping chair from Lafuma is one of the best when it comes to comfort for people with back problems. Its 20mm steel frame construction is top-notch, as it features anti-corrosion coating to prevent rusting from the mold. Also, the chair fabric, Batyline, features high UV protection, high-temperature protection, and protection from natural elements that can result in fungi and mildew. Also, the seat is fully padded, which adds up to the comfort even further. When it comes to durability, Lafuma Futura Air Comfort camping chair is at the top of the food chain.

When it comes to dimensions, this chair for camping measures 28″ x 38″ x 8″ (71 cm x 96 cm x 21 cm) when it is folded, and 28″ x 44.5″ x 33″ (71 cm x 113 cm x 83 cm) when it is set up. The seat height is 17″ (43 cm). Also, the chair can hold up to 330 lbs (150 kg), a feature that heavier individuals will appreciate.

This is a reclining chair, so you can adjust from the upright position to laid back position, whether your wish is. You can recline the chair via the fixed armrests that include the seating control. There is a removable headrest pillow for increased comfort, a protective ring for footrest, and foot glides. Adding to that, if your seat fabric gets dirty, you can remove and wash it. This chair is really a full-on comfort suite!

One specific downside to this camping chair is tied to its steel frame design. As the steel tubes are naturally bent, if you use this chair in a laid back position and are close to the chair’s weight limit, you may further bend the tubes, which will damage this chair in the long term.

Other than that, this camping chair from Lafuma is a very comfortable choice to pick if you have back problems.

  • Amazing durability
  • Very comfortable as it offers a range of extras
  • Fully reclinable
  • Zero gravity camping chair
  • Flawed steel frame construction design may damage the chair in the long term if you are a heavier individual

3) STRONGBACK Guru Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Support

STRONGBACK Guru Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Support

This camping chair from Strongback is the absolute best backpacking camping chair for shorter people, as it only weighs 10,5 lbs (4,80 kg), and is easily foldable to fit in your backpack. Surprisingly, it can hold up to 300 lbs of weight (136 kg), which is more than enough for most individuals. When it comes to its dimensions, it measures 6” x 6,5” x 40” (15 cm x 16,5 cm x 101,6 cm) when folded, and 19,5” x 27” x 34” (50 cm x 69 cm x 86 cm) when in use.

This camping chair is extremely durable, as it features a 600D polyester fabric resistant to tear and wear. The fabric is very effective in preventing abrasion, so expect that it will last for a while. Also, the construction is fairly durable, too, as it is composed of a steel frame that is coated with black powder to fend off rusting from the mold. 

Now, why is this one of the best camping chairs for bad back? It’s all about the ergonomic design, as the lumbar area of the chair is slightly curved to provide the most comfort for those with back pain. The seat is also tilted back a bit to provide additional comfort. Along with that, this ergonomic design provides adequate support for the hips. You also get padded armrests in the package with a cupholder to seal the deal.

Some people commented that this chair is not durable and can break after a few months of use, but that varies between people and depends on your weight. If something happens, there is a 2-year warranty included in the package.

  • Ergonomic design that provides hip support
  • Very light and fit for a backpack
  • Excellent lumbar support in the form of curved seating
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Some models come with flawed construction
  • Not fit for taller individuals

4) KingCamp Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support

KingCamp Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support

Want to cool your favorite beer or bring a book or two with your camping chair? Well, this KingCamp camping chair has got you covered, as it features amazing storage options along with supreme back support. These two things alone earn it a place on our best camping chairs for bad back list.

This camping chair is very tough and large, so if you are not a taller individual, this may not be the best camping chair for you. Its durable steel frame construction has dimensions of 24,5” x 23,5” x 41” (62,23 cm x 59,70 cm x 104,14 cm). The chair is fitted with very durable 600D Oxford fabric and weighs 11,3 lbs (5,13 kg). Of course, as this chair features expert craftsmanship, it can support up to 350 lbs of weight (159 kg).

The thing that makes this camping chair unique from the others on this list are the storage options. Along with the mesh cup holder on the armrest, there is a small cooler bag that can easily hold up a few cans of your favorite beverage (or keep your food cold), as well as another mesh stash pocket. Also, there is a head pouch with a zipper where you can store books or even a laptop! If you require additional comfort, nothing stops you from putting a pillow in that pocket.

The thing that makes this camping chair great for someone with back problems is that it features an adjustable lumbar structure. There is a strap that you can adjust according to your back profile.

With all the positives, this isn’t a perfect camping chair. It isn’t easy to fold down and put back in its carrying bag, so expect to spend a lot of time in that process. Also, the steel frame construction isn’t of the finest quality and can fall apart if you are close to the chair’s weight limit. Nevertheless, the unique storage and adjustability options make this camping chair very desirable for a relaxing camping trip!

  • Adjustable lumbar support system
  • Comes with a cooler bag
  • Additional storage options great for a lengthy getaway
  • Armrests are expertly designed for extra comfort
  • Not the most suitable camping chair for shorter individuals
  • The chair construction tends to fall apart

5) MARCHWAY Lightweight Folding High Back Camping Chair

MARCHWAY Lightweight Folding High Back Camping Chair

When it comes to backpacking camping chairs, this extra light chair from MARCHWAY is undoubtedly the best pick out there. It weighs only 3,7 lbs (1,68 kg) and is very easy to assemble and dismantle, perfect for backpacking trips. This camping chair can hold up to 250 lbs of weight (113 kg), which should be enough for most individuals. Whether you are going fishing, chilling on the beach, or making a backpacking trip, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The packing dimensions of this camping chair are 17” x 6.6” x 5.5” (43,18 cm x 16,76 cm x 14 cm), and the seat height is 29” (73,66 cm). You can see that the seat height is fairly high, making this camping chair a nice choice for average and taller individuals. 

The seat is made of durable 1000D ripstop fabric that features wide reinforcements in the back for additional comfort. To further increase the comfort, the sponge headrest pillow is included in the package. When you first assemble this chair, you will notice that the fabric is a bit tight but will loosen after the continual use of the chair.

The high seating in combination with a reclined angle ensures that you will feel comfortable sitting for a long time and stand up from the chair with no problems. To further back up this comfortable experience, the MARCHWAY camping chair features an amazing aluminum alloy frame design complemented with Velcro straps to increase stability. Initially, it may be hard for you to connect all the frames to form the chair, but practice makes perfect, as they say! 

  • Awesome for backpacking trips as the chair is very light
  • Great stability and durability
  • Very high seating combined with reclined angle makes it very comfortable
  • Comes with a headrest pillow
  • Hard to assemble at first
  • Very tight fabric when you start using it

6) AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair

AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair

If you want to feel like you are sitting on the clouds, then the AmazonBasics is the best camping chair for you, as it is a proper zero gravity camping chair that provides a weightless sitting experience. This is amazing if you have a bad back, and along with lined armrests and padded headrest, makes a worthwhile camping chair.

This chair measures 43.3” x 25.5” x 35.5” (110 cm x 65 cm x 90 cm), weights 16,5 lbs (7,48 kg), and supports up to 300 lbs of weight (136 kg). Its seat is 30″ (76,2 cm), which is ideal for average and taller individuals with back problems.

First of all, this camping chair for bad back is very durable, as it is backed up by steel frame construction coated for rust prevention and bungee support on both sides to connect the fabric to the frame. The fabric is Textilene, a material marketed as weather-resistant. With this in mind, we don’t recommend you to leave this chair out in wet weather conditions, as that can damage the elastic bungees holding the fabric together. One thing that we want to note is that this chair isn’t that compact to carry around on backpacking trips.

You can recline this chair all the way back or up. Watch out that you don’t recline it too much, as you could flip over. Nevertheless, reclining the chair is a pretty smooth experience. Also, keep in mind not to put on too much weight at once on the chair, as that could cause the frames to snap. If that occurs, Amazon offers a 1-year guarantee, so that you can address these problems.

  • Amazing, weightless feel of the seat
  • Tall seat great for average and taller individuals
  • Padded headrest and lined armrests that increase the comfort factor
  • You can recline it all the way up or down
  • Great zero gravity design
  • Not the best to carry around for backpacking trips
  • Loses balance if you recline it too much

7) Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Here is yet another zero gravity camping chair that is the absolute best if you are on a tight budget. It is a reclining camping chair that is surprisingly comfortable and sturdy. The dimensions of the chair are 38″ x 27″ 5,5″ (97 cm x 69 cm x 14 cm) when folded, its weight is 19 lbs (8,62 kg), and it supports up to 300 lbs of load (136 kg). Its seat height is 31″ (79 cm), which will make this camping chair very comfy for all types of users.

Caravan Sports camping chair for bad back features a sturdy steel frame construction coated to prevent rusting. Under the frame, you can find a ring that functions as a locking and reclining mechanism. You can recline this camping chair all the way up or down, depending on your preference. Watch out that you don’t go over the board with this, as you can break the frame easily that way.

The chair’s fabric material is 600D Textilene, which is water-resistant and is backed up by a durable double bungee system to keep it in place. You can also utilize the headrest pillow to your advantage, as you can move it down for lumbar support if you wish so.

Sadly, this camping chair only comes with 60 days of warranty, so make sure to pay extra caution when using the locking and reclining mechanism.

  • Adjustable pillow for head and lumbar support
  • Recline and lock in any angle
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great quality material
  • The frame can break easily if you recline it too much

Things to Look At While Buying a Camping Chair For Bad Back

Chairs for camping

If you have back problems, you must know what exact camping chair will you require. For starters, you will need a chair made with materials that will keep you comfortable for numerous hours. How the camping chair is made is also very important, as you want a long-lasting camping chair that will keep your comfort at desired levels. The bottom line is, you don’t want a regular, uncomfortable camping chair to bust your back even further.

In the section below, we will detail a few factors that you should consider when looking for the best camping chair for bad back.

Padded Lumbar Support

It is essential for all people with back problems that the camping chair features an ergonomic design that focuses on lumbar support. Along with an ergonomic design that will help you sit straight with more comfort, look for camping chairs that feature adjustable pillows. These can be especially handy for additional lumbar support!

Another thing that separates camping chairs for bad back from others is the padded sections. The padding will improve the overall experience for you and help you sit more appropriately! Most regular camping chairs are hollow, whereas camping chairs for bad back feature padding. Just keep in mind that padded chairs will need some time to dry after being in wet conditions.

Armrest & Footrest

Most camping chairs for bad back feature padded armrests that provide additional comfort and help you sit more properly. While the footrest may not be directly connected to improving the situation with your back, it certainly enhances the comfort factor. For example, if you get tired from a lengthy hike, you would probably really enjoy stretching your legs a bit. Well, with a footrest, you can do just that! With these camping chairs, more comfort is always welcome.

Materials & Design

You certainly don’t want a camping chair for bad back made of poor-quality materials. The main components of each camping chair are the frame and fabric. When it comes to the camping chair frame, your best bet is to choose a chair with a steel frame. The 20mm steel frame is the most durable and will keep the seat standing for the longest amount of time. Aluminum frames are only good if you need to pack light, as aluminum is lighter but less durable than steel.

With fabric, you also don’t want cheaply-made material that will stretch and tear over a few uses. When it comes to determining the fabric’s quality, you will need to look at the Denier (D) rating. This rating measures the fabric strength, so logically, the higher rating translates to the higher fabric quality. The lower limit should be 400D, with 600D and 1000D being much tougher, with higher weather and tear resistance. Most of the fabric material utilized in camping chairs for bad back is heavy-duty Polyester. Keep in mind that this material isn’t waterproof, so you will need to get additional sprays and coating to apply that specification.

Seat Size & Height

Chairs for bad back

One of the most common mistakes when picking a camping chair is getting the wrong size. The camping chair’s size is essential, especially if you have back problems, as you don’t want to add the salt to the wound.

If you are a taller person, opt for a camping chair with a higher back and higher distance of the seat from the ground. Interchangeably, if you are a lower person, look for a camping chair with a lower back and lower seat distance from the ground.

When you choose the right size of a campsite chair, you will ensure maximum comfort.

Weight Capacity

Don’t ignore the weight capacity of the camping chair! You don’t want its individual parts (such as frame, seat, fabric, armrests) to fall apart if you are a bit too heavy for it. Not to mention the damage that could ensure if you fall down from a broken camping chair.

The lower weight capacity limit is 250 lbs (113 kg), even though we would recommend you to get a camping chair with a weight capacity between 300 lbs (136 kg) and 350 lbs (159 kg) for increased stability.


Are you going to carry the camping chair and your backpack filled with other camping gear? Or, are you going to take it from your car trunk to the desired campsite? These two questions are essential, as there are camping chairs with different weights, tailored for different kinds of campers. The rule of the thumb is, the heavier the chair, the more durable it is, so keep that in mind too.


If you made it to the end of this post, we hope that you learned something valuable today. Camping is a fantastic activity, and everyone should be able to participate in it, even if you have severe back problems. You have now learned about the best camping chairs for bad back and know that even you can enjoy camping!

As always, be smart when buying new camping gear and when camping! Stay safe, and enjoy your next camping experience. 🙂

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