5 Best Tent For Dogs – Bring Your Dog With You!

Preparing to camp out with your dog and can’t find a specialized tent for you and your dog? Don’t worry, as there are many dog-friendly tents out there if you look with attention! Actually, choosing the best tent for dogs isn’t that much different from choosing one for yourself. After all, you will mostly focus on space and durability when it comes to this type of tent.

In this guide, we have carefully researched and chose tents that provide the optimal camping experience for you and your canine companions. Most of them are cost-effective, and should last for a while! We have also looked into some important factors that you should look out when buying this type of tent.

Without further ado, we will start with the list of our favorite canine-friendly tents!

Short on time? Here are our top picks:

1) Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

From our experience, this has to be one of the best tents for dogs, as it has ample sleeping space for 5 adults, along with a screen vestibule that is an excellent fit for your dog or even more people! This is first and foremost a tent for a family camping trip, as it is taglined as an 8-person tent that weighs just 25lbs (11 kg).

Its main compartment is 132″ x 108″ (335 cm x 274 cm), while the screen compartment is 72″ x 84″ (183 cm x 213 cm). The tent’s center height is 78″ (198 cm), so almost any individual can have standing space in this tent. There are two additional storage pockets in the tent’s walls to keep your belongings and gear secure.

Most of the tent’s segments have a screen cover, but the wall sides and the floor are made from Polyester fabric with PU water coating. The seam-sealed rain fly isn’t the most water-resistant, as the roof will leak some water if there is heavy rain. At least it covers the ceiling of the main compartment and of the vestibule. The ventilation that two mesh windows and the mesh roof provide is an excellent addition for a sunny-day camping trip.

With this 8-person tent fit for family camping with dogs, we enjoyed its stable fiberglass roof frame and steel support. It is kind of unreliable with its water resistance, but if you choose the right weather for camping, you are in for a very comfortable camping experience with your dog and loved ones! Keep in mind that the tent has only one door, so watch out for others when you are going out of the tent!

  • Offers immense room for your dogs and loved ones
  • Very stable tent, even during high wind
  • The mesh roof is excellent for stargazing
  • Excellent ventilation considering the tent size
  • 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Water will leak through the roof if there is heavy rain
  • Only one door
  • The provided stakes are not the most stable

2) Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room, 6-Person

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room

This Coleman tent for dogs is an incredible bargain, fusing lots of sleeping room with impressive ventilation and water-resistance. The tent features a main compartment with dimensions of 120″ x 108″ (305 cm x 274 cm) and a screened vestibule with dimensions of 120″ x 60″ (305 cm x 152 cm), a perfect combination for camping with your dog. It also has tons of room to stand in, with a center height of 68″ (173 cm).

For a 6-person tent, it is pretty lightweight at 19lbs (8,62 kg). This dog-friendly tent is very easy to assemble, as it has color-tagged poles and pole hubs to make this process effortless (at least 7 minutes). The reflective guy ropes are an added bonus if you are a bit tipsy at night and don’t want to trip over the tent.

The features that we are most delighted with is the water resistance and durability. Coleman uses its signature WeatherTec system and rainfly to keep the tent dry even during a rainstorm. Combine this with its sturdy, durable frame along with Polyguard fabric, and you are in for a very comfortable experience with this tent! The comfort is increased considerably thanks to the window awnings that let the windows open but are not prone to raindrops.

The added bonus features of this tent, like the storage pockets and an E-port, effectively make this camping tent your go-to for camping with dogs.

  • Offers plenty of room for family camping and for two large dogs
  • Very easy to assemble thanks to color tagging on the poles
  • Excellent water resistance on the main compartment
  • Very lightweight considering its size
  • Creative ventilation solution in the form of window awnings
  • The screen vestibule lacks the same rain protection as the main compartment
  • Poles tend to break if you are not too careful

3) Coleman 8-Person Tent For Camping | Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

Coleman 8-Person Tent For Camping

What makes this an ideal tent for your dog and family is that its sheer size encompasses three rooms! Its full interior size is 204″ x 120″ (518 cm x 305 cm), a perfect fit for 8 people, and your favorite dog companions. The Red Canyon tent is ideal for taller individuals, as it has a center height of 72″ (183 cm). Add up the 25lbs (11,3 kg) of weight, and you have a lovely, stable camping tent.

The tent’s setup is simplified thanks to the color-tagging on its shock-corded poles, with the setup time between 10-20 minutes (for beginners). We had some difficulties with centering the tent, as the poles come pre-assembled. Also, you need to pay extra caution during setup so that the poles don’t break. If you set the poles right, the stability of this tent is unprecedented.

As with most Coleman tents, the Red Canyon has a WeatherTec system with inverted seams that provides superb water resistance. The rain fly protects the whole tent and features a design that allows lots of air inside the tent. Also, you can adjust the floor vent for additional airflow. There, you can find a storage pocket too! Some Amazon buyers reported some flaws in this design, with minor water leakages in the tent. At least the welded floor is very durable.

With Coleman Red Canyon, it is tough to find a better 8-person tent for camping with dogs. Just don’t bring it in extreme cold, as it may get wetter than you expect!

  • An extremely sizeable tent that can be divided into three rooms
  • Not the most complicated setup
  • WeatherTec system is incredible when it works
  • Frames are effective at keeping the tent stable
  • Not the best for extreme cold weather
  • The zipper can get stuck occasionally
  • Hard to center during setup

4) Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

This dog-friendly tent from Coleman will amaze you with its range of features, including a built-in LED light! It’s a pretty sizable tent for a few people and a dog. The main compartment has dimensions of 132″ x 108″ (335 cm x 274 cm), and the floorless screen vestibule has dimensions of 108″ x 72″ (274 cm x 183 cm). The center height of 80″ (203 cm), ensures that almost every taller individual can stand in the middle. It is certainly one of the most comfortable tents for a camping trip with your family and a dog, but that comes at a price, as the tent is pretty weighty at 35,8lbs (16 kg).

Well, to justify its weight, Coleman has included the top-class features they are known for! First of all, the tent is made of good-quality 75D Polyester fabric. Combined with the WeatherTec system that includes inverted seams, it is pretty decent at preventing water leakages, even during rainstorms! Just make sure to close the self-rollable windows to keep the rain out. You can always open them up later for more airflow. We want to note that the rain fly has Velcro attachments for better stability.

Make sure to invest in a floor for the screened compartment, as it will get leaked, even with the rain fly on. During sunny days, this is an excellent compartment to chill and nap in, both for you and your dog. The hinged door adds up to the package with its good-quality zippers and ensures easy entry and exit from the tent.

One thing that we really appreciate is the built-in LED light. You can choose from three power levels, and the light is powered by D batteries. The one big downside to this is that the light has no water resistance applied, so if you pack your tent wet, you can say goodbye to this handy addition! Oh, did we tell that you can even charge your phone and other devices using a LED light?

With simple, 15-minute setup time, high durability against wind and rain, lots of mesh on the top for star and sun gazing, and ample room for your family and your dog, the WeatherMaster is undoubtedly one of the best tents for dogs around!

  • Extremely stable and durable during high winds and rainstorms
  • Lots of room for your family and your dogs, along with storage space
  • Great for star and sun gazing when you remove the rain fly
  • Rollable windows are awesome
  • Hinged door is very convenient
  • Very heavy tent
  • The screen vestibule has no flooring
  • LED light susceptible to water

5) Bessport 2 Person Tent

Bessport 2 Person Tent

Here is the best backpacking tent that you should consider if you are traveling solo with your favorite pooch. It is lightweight at 5,2lbs (2,35 kg), freestanding, and offers a lot of space for a 2-person tent. The interior dimensions of this backpacking tent are 86,6″ x 48,4″ (220 cm x 123 cm), with a center height of 43,5″ (110 cm). While you may not be able to stand in the middle of this tent, it is very comfy for just you and your dog.

The tent has two vestibules and two D-shaped doors so that you and your dog have a much easier time getting out of the tent. The doors have plastic zippers that honestly aren’t the most quality-made, so you will have to prepare to see them break or stuck (learn how to unstuck zippers here) if you are not careful.

The most important thing is that you and your favorite dog are comfy inside the tent, even during heavy rain. We can say that the 68D Polyester fabric, welded floor design, and the included full-coverage rain fly do a reasonably good job of fending off the rain. The construction of this tent is seam taped, so you can rest at ease even at rainy weather.

If you’re hot, you can remove the fabric to reveal the mesh panels, which provide the necessary ventilation and keep the nasty insects out. You can also take this to your advantage and enjoy stargazing or just soaking in a bit of sun. The mesh panels include a ripstop fabric that you can use during windy weather to increase stability. If you require additional storage space, there is a storage pocket inside the tent to cover you.

Another thing that we like about this tent is its quick setup time, which should be done in a few minutes. The aluminum poles are quite durable, which comes in handy during windy weather. As the tent is freestanding, you can quickly move it around without disassembling the tent.

This extremely cheap, dog-friendly backpacking tent is ideal if you are a solo traveler who happens to have a dog. Your backpacking trips will be very comfortable, and the tent will be able to withstand the elements throughout the year.

  • Great for solo camping with your dog
  • Very easy to set up and to move around
  • Two vestibules for additional space for you and your dog
  • Durable and stable throughout the seasons
  • The rainfly tends to get stuck in the zippers
  • Zippers are low-quality

Things to Look At While Buying a Tent For a Dog

There are not many camping tents that are specialized for dogs on the market, albeit a lot of tents offer dog-friendly characteristics. Ideally, you want a tent that will be tear-resistant so that your dog won’t break the fabric. If you have an energetic dog that moves around, you might consider a more spacious tent. In the guide below, we will discuss more of these dog-friendly characteristics so that you can make an impulse-free, wise purchase!

Thick Floor and Fabric

Dog Tent Flooring

This goes as a no-brainer, but we all know that our dogs can get a bit playful, which can also include a scenario of your dog tearing the floor or the fabric of your tent. Make sure to look into a tent with tear-resistant fabric and floor to save you some headaches.


If you are not going car camping, this is the essential factor to consider when looking for a dog-friendly tent. You should consider that ultralight tents are not always the best choice when hiking with your dog. They feature less durable material, which is absolutely essential if you want to camp with your dog for more than a one-time escapade.

Of course, you will carry a lot of other gear along with your tent, so it is best to balance weight with durability. In the end, the longevity of your temporary shelter should be a priority for your camping trip.

Interior Space

Interior space

Depending on the dog’s size, you may look at it as an additional person in the tent. If you are camping solo with your dog, a 2-person tent may suffice, but if you are with more people or dogs, a 3-person tent or more is ideal. It all depends on your dog’s breed and how sizeable it is.

You also need to take into consideration the gear that you will bring along with you. Most of the tents provide additional room for your equipment, but if you have too much of it, that may mean that you will require a tent with a larger main compartment. Alternatively, if you don’t have too much gear, you can reserve the side compartments for your dog.

Make sure that you never overlook this factor, as it will make or break the deal!

Vestibule/Storage Area

This is a neighboring room attached to the tent’s main compartment or created by rainfly space. Vestibules are very important if you are going camping with more people or more dogs. Sometimes, your tent interior space won’t be enough for all the occupants in the tent, and that’s when the vestibules will provide you with additional space for your gear or your furry companion!

Most people look at screen rooms when it comes to dog tents. Dogs are pretty loyal and protective sometimes, so it helps when they have a comfortable spot to sleep along with being able to see you. Make sure to invest in some flooring for the vestibule area if there is none to make it even more comfortable for your pooch. You can also set up your camping chair and enjoy the time with your dog from a comfortable place.


This factor exceedingly comes to fruition when you camp out with your dog. If your dog has thick fur, it will require more ventilation and breathable space. Make sure to take your dog’s breed into account when looking into the ventilation of your desired tent.

Also, make sure your tent is well-ventilated to keep the moisture out of the fabric and the floors. There is nothing more annoying than a terrible smell radiating from your tent! Usually, tents with lots of mesh and screen space are the best considerations from the ventilation perspective. Even if your tent stinks, we have a guide on cleaning your stinky tent, so don’t forget to check it out.


Tent seasonality

Weather is one of the most important factors when you go camping. There are tents tailored to less and more weather seasons, which also reflects their overall price. The rule of the thumb is: the more seasonable, the more expensive the tent is.

If you plan to avoid camping with your dog in the winter, then the 3-season tent is the best pick. These tents offer you privacy, decent ventilation, and rain protection, and keep you and your companion safe from the prevalent insects.

On the other hand, if you want to go camping in more extreme weather conditions, and under lower temperatures, then a 4-season tent is a must. These tents are heavier but will provide you with a durable, comfortable, and warm shelter during the cold winter months for your fur friend.

Number of Doors

While you may most likely overlook this fact when looking at tents for camping with your dog, it is an essential factor nevertheless. Imagine a scenario when you have a tent with one door, with a vestibule connected to that door, with all your gear stacked up in that area. During the night, if you had to go out, you would need to walk across every tenant of the tent, and also over all that stacked gear, which is very tedious.

To evade the scenario above, make sure to look into a tent with two doors. That way, you can organize your things more efficiently, and avoid making a fuss when you need to go out into the black of the night.

Quick Checklist of A Dog-Friendly Tent

Dog friendly tent

If you are in a rush, here is a summary of all the factors above that make a dog-friendly tent:

  • Lots of airflow is a must, as dogs don’t enjoy spending time in hot and humid spaces.
  • Tear-resistant tent fabric and floors will keep you at ease when your dog gets playful. You know it will happen eventually, and dogs cannot retract their claws, so think ahead.
  • Ensure that the sleeping space for your dog makes you visible to them, as dogs are usually very loyal and protective.
  • Lots of sleeping space is essential as you don’t want to get woken up by your dog when it moves around in its sleep.
  • Two doors are essential if you have a larger dog for increased comfort.
  • Water-resistant fabric and floors in case your dog comes inside from a river or lake, or in case of rainfall.


We hope that you have found some useful information when it comes to the best tents for dogs. In the end, you want maximum comfort for you and your favorite canine companions. Even though there are not many specialized tents for dogs, it is easy to find one for your dog, if you have some key specifications in mind. Now that you’ve read this guide, you know what makes the absolute best tent for you and your dog!

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