Best Tent for Kayak Camping in 2022 – Reviews & Guide

What’s better than camping on the mountains while the sun is bright? Kayak camping. With kayak you can reach places other campers can’t, and see things others don’t.

Kayak camping is a bit different though. You need a tent that’s lightweight, fast to set up and takedown, and also small enough to fit inside the kayak.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of options and we are about to show you a list of such tents, so you can pick yourself the best tent for kayak camping.

Obviously, you won’t be able to carry an eight-person tent with you. Kayak camping is somewhat similar to backpacking. However, you don’t have to carry the tent by yourself, but rather store it in your kayak.

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

The first tent on our list is one of the most sold tents on Amazon. It comes in three different sizes: 4 Person, 3 Person, and 2 Person. We suggest getting the 3 person one as it will fit in your kayak and it also has a vestibule feature.

Even though it’s kinda heavy with its 12 pounds, it’s worth it. The big space you are getting with this tent compensates for a bit higher weight. It has a nice rainfly that covers the whole tent.

What amazes us is the super cheap price for this tent. It’s surely on the affordable side in this list, and since it’s made by a reputable brand, you can’t go wrong with it.

Coleman Hooligan has inverted seams which increases weather resistance by hiding needle holes inside the tent. Water will no longer leak through the zipper since the cuffs are made of weather-resistant fabric for extra protection.

The floors are waterproof which is one of the important features we went through. It can easily withstand rain and wind, so you don’t have to worry about bad weather conditions.

It’s super easy to assemble this tent. It has 8×7 foot dimensions which are more than enough for three persons sleeping in. Color-coded poles ease up the assemble even more.

  • Cheap price
  • Vestibule
  • 10-minute setup
  • Zipper protection
  • Waterproof floors
  • Heavier than competition

Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent

Kelly Salida found a place on our list because it’s ultralight and very easy to pack. It has aluminum poles that fold easily. This tent is usually used for backpacking, so that’s a good indicator it will fit into your kayak.

With only 4.57 pounds, it won’t be hard to bring it with you. Materials used for this tent are water-resistant and it also has a special UV-resistant coating. It also has a vestibule which is a big plus if you want to keep the gear outside of your tent.

It comes with a roll-top cube bag that is ideal for your kayak. You can fit 2 persons in it easily. The doors are “D” shaped, so you will no longer trip over each other. The only issue we have found with this tent is that there is a bit more condensation during damp conditions.

If you are looking for a multifunctional tent that you can use for kayaking, backpacking, or even canoeing, this is the right choice for you. It may be used in three different seasons and the floor space is more than enough for 2 persons and their belongings.

  • Ultralight
  • Easy to pack
  • Lots of space
  • Vestibule
  • Condensation

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus

This is a dome-shaped tent that can easily fit 2 people. Poles are made out of fiberglass which reduces the total weight. Tent materials are both water and UV-resistant.

It has 8 zippers which allow for extra air. There are mesh storage pockets and a gear loft for your stuff. One more awesome feature of this tent is aluminum stakes because they are harder to break.

This tent has not one, but TWO vestibules and two doors. This makes it an ideal tent for two persons who can put their stuff one on each side. It’s a free-standing tent with two fiberglass poles that can be set up really quickly.

You get a rainfly with this tent as well. It will cover the whole tent so you don’t have to worry about water getting in. We suggest getting a floor saver which would increase the resistance against wet ground and provide one more barrier.

The total weight of the Taurus tent is 7.1lb which is relatively light. It is heavier than most other tents used for kayak camping, but you get a lot of space and two vestibules, so it’s well worth it.

If you are camping with a dog companion, you could use one vestibule for him, and the other for your stuff.

  • Spacious
  • Easy setup
  • Sealed floor
  • Rainfly covers whole tent
  • Zippers are bad quality

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent

We have already included this tent in our 7 Best Tent for Desert Camping list. Even though it wouldn’t be good for backpacking, it is for kayak camping. Similar to the previous tent on this list, it also has two doors and vestibules.

This tent has a lot of mesh windows, so it’s an ideal choice for summertime. Let the air fly through the tent and if the rain comes, you can cover it with a rainfly within minutes.

Mountainsmith has been making camping gear since 1979. They are one of the top choices for most campers out there. Morrison is one of their most sold tent models, and it’s for a reason.

It has aluminum poles for reduced weight. Morrison is built for three seasons and the bathtub floor construction will ensure additional floor protection.

There is enough space for two people sleeping inside, and the vestibules can be used to store your gear.

Set-up instructions are printed on the stuff sack in case you forget how to assemble it. Also, there is a removable gear loft and interior mesh storage pockets.

  • Lots of room
  • Two vestibules
  • Simple set-up
  • Lots of ventilation
  • Mesh gear pockets
  • Poor quality tent stakes

Coleman Sundome

Once again Coleman product finds a way on to our list. With 29,551 ratings on Amazon it’s no wonder that you’ll find this tent on almost every list out there. This is a 2-person tent that’s good for three seasons.

Dimensions of this tent are 7-foot x 5-foot x 48-inch once assembled. If there is a storm coming, you can use guy-lines for increased stability since there are guy-out points on the tent.

Welded corners and inverted seams prevent the water from getting inside. You also get a rainfly with this tent which will save you during bad weather. The frame was tested against 35mph winds and it’s good to use.

This tent has an e-port which makes it easy to bring electrical power inside. It also has large windows and a ground vent for great airflow. You can store your gear inside the interior gear pocket.

Almost every Coleman tent is super easy to assemble as you will see in the video below. It will take you approximately 10 minutes to fully set it up. The tent materials are water-resistant and the fiberglass poles reduce the weight of the tent a lot.

  • Great ventilation
  • Easy set-up
  • Weatherproof
  • E-port
  • Cheap price
  • No vestibule

Stuff To Know Before Buying A Tent For Kayak Camping – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes a tent good for kayak camping?

A tent for kayak camping should be lightweight and easy to set up. The materials should be strong and durable because you’ll most likely end up on sharp terrain.

How to add additional protection to my tent floor?

You can add an internal or external tent footprint. Some of the footprints can serve as a sun canopy as well. Adding such footprint can protect the floor from tearing while also making the tent more comfortable.

Why should I get a tent with vestibule?

Tents with vestibule are awesome for storing your equipment. Vestibules can be a sleeping place for your pet companion. You can also use it to change wet clothes before getting inside the tent.

What kind of food should I bring on kayak camping trip?

Bring only food that can remain fresh for a longer time. If it’s a day trip, you could easily bring frozen meat as it will take some time to defrost. Dried fruits, canned meat, and root vegetables are all excellent choices.

Lacking the camping meal ideas? Check out our list of delicious no-cook camping meals everyone can prepare in seconds.

How to protect my stuff from water in kayak?

Dry bags. They are an awesome piece of equipment that can save you from a lot of trouble. Things like a first aid kit, clothes, and fire-starting equipment must remain dry so you can store them in dry bags.

Type of tent good for kayak camping

The first important thing you need to do before you go on your camping trip is to check if your tent fits. You can check the dimensions of your kayak and compare it to the dimensions of your tent.

Simply try to store it in your kayak and if it fits, you are good to go. Another feature you should aim for is an easy setup. You don’t want to “drive” your tent all the way across the water only to spend an hour assembling.

The third important tip is to aim for high-quality materials. Places you can reach with a kayak are probably not often visited. That means the terrain is rough as well and could do some damage to your tent.

A vestibule can also be a life-saver because you’ll be able to change your wet clothes without getting into the tent. There are some pretty cool tents with a vestibule while also lightweight. We have made sure to include only the best tents for kayak camping in our list.

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