Camping in Andalucia – Wild Camping Tips & Campsites

Andalucia is the southernmost region of Spain, most known for its dry climate, lovely coastline, fantastic nature, and vibrant culture. This sun-soaked region has exits both on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic and is home to the largest desert and the only sub-tropical forest in Europe. Camping in Andalucia is one of the best outdoor activities you can do there!

This post will break down all the tips you need to know about camping in that region and the best camping spots there!

Best Time For Camping In Andalucia

Andalucia is the driest region in Spain, with an extra hot summer season from June until the end of August. There is almost no rainfall in the summer season, but the daytime temperatures can go as up as 40 degrees Celsius. The night temperatures can also get high, up to 19 degrees Celsius.

Make sure to avoid camping from late June to early September in some parts of western Andalucia, infamously dubbed as sartén or the frying pan.

For more pleasant temperatures, early spring and autumn (April to May, late September to October) have more pleasant temperatures and cooler nights. Keep in mind that rainstorms can occur in that period, though.

March is also a great month for camping in Andalucia. It has cooler temperatures, sunny weather, fewer crowds, and the trees just start to blossom.

Winter in Andalucia is still relatively pleasant for camping, with daytime temperatures reaching highs of 20 degrees Celsius, while the night time temperatures drop as low as 6 degrees Celsius. Also, rainfall is pretty common during winter in Andalucia.

Overall, the best time for camping in Andalucia is definitely in early spring and autumn, as there are fewer crowds, and the temperatures are more bearable.

Best Camping Sites In Andalucia

Andalucia has more than 200 registered camping. Most of them open their grounds as the summer crawls by and can get quite busy during the high season. The campsites in Andalucia are divided into three categories, based on the facilities available.

Here is a map of the best official campsites in Andalucia!

Without further ado, let’s see some of the top campsites in Andalucia!

1) Hidden Valley

This campsite lies hidden in a lovely olive grove, surrounded by hills. It’s located in the heart of Costa del Sol, near the Caminito del Rey trail, just 45 minutes away from Malaga. Hidden Valley is a fairly affordable glamping site equipped with bell tents for a comfortable camping experience.

The facilities there include:

  • Shower rooms
  • Toilet
  • Kitchenette
  • Small restaurant
  • Free WiFi
  • Electricity, gas, water

For concrete price numbers, check out their pricing list.

2) Camping Los Escullos

This camping ground is located in Cabo de Gata Natural Park, near Almeria. As the largest protected coastal area in Andalucia, Cabo de Gata is filled with lovely beaches and volcanic rock formations. It is well-known for lots of Agave plants and salt flats filled with flamingos.

Facilities in Camping Los Escullos include:

  • Electricity, gas, water
  • Restaurant and pizzeria
  • Swimming pool and jacuzzi
  • Tennis, soccer, and basketball courts
  • Gym
  • Free WiFi

For price information, check out their booking page.

3) Parque Ardales

A vast pine forest surrounds this lovely campsite at the tip of the Los Gaitanes Gorge. It is also relatively close to Caminito del Rey and the lovely Guadalhorce reservoir, where you can go canoeing.

Parque Ardales has the following facilities:

  • Toilet
  • Bathing area
  • Electricity, gas, water
  • Supermarket
  • Free WiFi
  • BBQ equipment
  • Canoes and pedal boats

For pricing information, check out this page.

4) Camping El Sur

Just one kilometer away from the picturesque historical city of Ronda is Camping El Sur. This camping site is located among palm and almond trees, between Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra de Grazalema natural parks.

It provides the following facilities:

  • Sanitary area
  • Electricity, gas, water
  • Laundry
  • Free WiFi
  • Mini market
  • Swimming pool

You can check the prices of Camping El Sur here.

5) Camping Cabopino

Just 5 minutes away from Cabopino beach is this lovely camping site. The mentioned beach is part of Artola Dunes, a protected natural area. If you love to hit the beach, Camping Cabopino is certainly an ideal campsite for you.

It has a lot of facilities, such as:

  • Shower and toilet
  • Laundry
  • Free WiFi
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Electricity, gas, water
  • Swimming pool

You can find the parcel pricing on their official site.

Is Wild Camping In Andalucia Legal?

If we look at the national camping laws of Spain, wild camping is legal under certain restrictions, which apply to camping on private land:

  • You cannot put more than three tents at the same location apart from official campsites.
  • There cannot be more than ten campers on one spot apart from official campsites.
  • The camp cannot be in place for more than three days.

Other than on private property, wild camping in Andalucia is mostly restricted. Some concrete prohibitions are:

  • You cannot camp in the vicinity of the sea (because of high tides).
  • Camping is prohibited within a few kilometers from military zones, historical monuments, urban areas, and official campsites.
  • You cannot camp in natural parks at less than 2,000 meters of elevation.

If you get caught, you might face a fine from 30€ to 800€, but it depends on the officer. Sometimes, they may just politely ask you to remove your tent.

However, wild camping in Andalucia is mostly tolerated in rural areas and away from tourist hotspots on the coast. Nature parks and beaches are controlled, though.

Still, some national and natural parks have designated free camping areas called Áreas de acampada libre. Keep in mind that you may need to get permission to camp in these areas at the park office. For instance, you can camp anywhere for one night in Sierra Nevada National Park.

Tips & Gear For Wild Camping In Andalucia

We’ve prepared a few tips for you to avoid getting caught when you’re out wild camping in Andalucia.

First of all, always pitch your tent away from the roads and tourist areas for one night only to avoid suspicion. If you think you are camping on private land, ask the owner of the property for permission. Remember, pitch your tent at dusk and take it down at dawn to avoid further suspicion.

When you take down your campsite, collect all the rubbish you leave behind and leave the spot the same way as it was before you were there.

As Andalucia is an arid region, never make a campfire around dry meadows and forests, especially in summer. You don’t want a wildfire to spread around.

Beware of poisonous Lataste’s Viper snake species. They prefer rocky areas and coastal dunes but are thankfully only a few in numbers, as they are a vulnerable species.

If you see a lot of animal poop around your campsite, you may be near an area where a herd of sheep may pass by.

Watch out for Ramblas when pitching your tent near a beach. Ramblas are empty riverbeds that look like dirt paths. But, when the rain falls, they can fill up pretty quickly, and you don’t want your tent to end up in one of them!

Now, let’s talk a bit about the gear for wild camping in Andalucia!

As it is hot and sunny most days there, you might want to bring a blackout tent with nice ventilation to block the sun.

We have compiled a list of best blackout tents for you!

To avoid making campfires, invest in a decent portable cooker. Also, if you plan on camping in the non-summer season, bring a rain tarp.

Summing Up

Camping in Andalucia is relatively stress-free, whether you decide on wild camping or an official campsite. It can be fairly hot there, so prepare your gear accordingly. Other than that, we are sure you will have a blast camping in this fantastic region!

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