Camping in Cairngorms – Campsites & Wild Camping Tips

Cairngorms is Britain’s biggest National Park. This park is known for low light pollution. Thanks to that, you can enjoy camping in the Cairngorms under a clear starry night. There are many different options to stay in, from classic campsites to caravans and glamping.

The terrain in the Cairngorms is mostly mountains, but there are also valleys, lakes, and even golf courses. Many different activities ensure that everyone will enjoy camping in the Cairngorms. You’ll love it here if you are into hiking, sports, stargazing, or simply relaxing in your camp.

Cairngorms Reindeer Center in Aviemore
Cairngorms Reindeer Centre in Aviemore, Source: Unsplash

Wild camping: Is it legal in the Cairngorms?

Yes, wild camping is legal in the Cairngorms. Thanks to Scotland’s “Right to roam” act, you don’t have to stay in an official campsite; instead, you can pitch your tent somewhere in nature. However, if this is your first time camping, we highly suggest you go to an official campsite or go wild camping only if someone experienced is with you.

That being said, even though wild camping is allowed, there are still some rules to follow. For example, you cannot camp near buildings, roads, or enclosed fields. In other words, the idea is to camp where no people are around. Also, NEVER start a campfire when in a national park like the Cairngorms, use a storm cooker instead.

Some other “rules” when wild camping:

  • Never leave trash behind you, protect nature.
  • Do not disturb wildlife.
  • Do not use chemicals in lakes or rivers.
  • Avoid walking through fenced fields as you may destroy crops doing so.

“American here – I’ve backpacked in the American Rockies, Sierras, and the Smokies. The Cairngorms is among the most dramatic and beautiful places I’ve ever been. Hope I can make it back there someday.”

– DenticlesOfTomb on Reddit

Best time for camping in the Cairngorms

The best time to visit would be from the start of Summer to early September. Since it’s Scotland, you should definitely bring a raincoat just in case. The nights can be cold, so you should probably pack a blanket or two. During winter months, people will come to the Cairngorms to ski.

If you want to learn how to ski, this is a chance for you. There are several instructors, such as the family-run “Free-Ski” business. They teach everyone how to ski, from beginners to advanced skiers.

Wildflowers are everywhere through June, so if you are into plants, that’s when you should aim to go. On the other hand, if you’d love to see some local events, go in August as that’s when Highland Games are. Most towns host these games so that you can try something new.

Things you should bring with you:

  • Warm jacket – It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, always have a jacket with you. You’ll need a warmer jacket during the winter.
  • Camera – So many different things to see. It would be a shame not to create a memory of it.
  • Raincoat – There is always a chance of rain, so you might as well be prepared for it.

5 campsites in the Cairngorms you can stay at

Even though camping in wild is allowed, we understand most will prefer to stay in an official campsite. That’s why we have created a list for you. Here are the best 5 campsites in the Cairngorms.

1. Invernahavon Caravan Park

Invernahavon Caravan Park is located west of the Cairngorm National Park. It is a family-run park and from here you can easily explore Highlands. If your favorite part of nature are the mountains and forests, this is the campsite for you.

Things to do around

  • Explore Cairngorms National Park
  • Head to “The Viewpoint” for breath-taking views
  • Have a picnic on River Spey


The price for 2 adults during the low season starts at £18.00, while the high season starts at £20.00. Since the prices can change, please verify it on the official website.


Glentruim By, Newtonmore PH20 1BE, UK

2. Dalraddy Holiday Park

Looking for a peaceful, family-owned traditional campsite? Look no further because Dalraddy Holiday Park is exactly that. Beautiful huge landscape in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. The site offers several booking types including tents, motorhomes, RVs, caravans, cabins, and more.

Things to do around

  • Quad biking
  • Feed the deers (Only during the winter season)
  • Try clay pigeon shooting


The price for 1 adult starts at £12.00, you can verify it on the official website.


Kincraig, Kingussie PH22 1QB, UK

3. Cairngorm Motorhome Park

Even though this is not a classic campsite, some of you may find it useful. This is a motorhome park only, with no tents or other accommodations. The best thing about this campsite is the super low price and the location which is almost in the middle of the Cairngorm National Park.

Things to do around

  • Have fun at the Mountain Tubing & Adventure Park
  • Join guided walks
  • Enjoy the Cairngorm Mountain Railway


The price for 1 motorhome starts at £10.00


Coire na Ciste Car Park, Aviemore PH22 1RB, UK

4. Oakwood Caravan & Camping Park

The Oakwood Caravan & Camping Park is a campsite in the northern part of Cairngorms National Park. You’ll find different facilities on site such as toilet and shower facilities with hot water and heating included. Also, there are sockets in which you can plug your hairdryer, or you can borrow it from reception if you forgot yours. You’ll also find a seating area on the campsite where you can relax or have a picnic.

Things to do around

  • Observe wildlife, deers, eagles, and ospreys love this place.
  • Try snowboarding
  • Kayaking on Loch Morlich


The price during the low season starts at £23.00 and goes up to £34.00 as stated on their website.


Granish, Park, Aviemore PH22 1QD, UK

5. Badaguish Outdoor Centre

Badaguish Outdoor Centre has more facilities than your usual campsite. You can even bring your whole team for a conference & meeting or enjoy the catering at the Speyside kitchen. There is also a large sports arena to stay active. Tent camping is available only for education & youth groups.

Things to do around

  • Ride in the bike park
  • Join the Aviemore Half Maraton or Triathlon
  • Visit Loch Garten


The price depends on the type of accommodation, you should check the official website.


Glenmore, Aviemore PH22 1AD, UK


The Cairngorms is a lovely national park that you can visit all year round. Depending on what you prefer, each season offers something different. Winter is for you if you love to ski, while if you love birdwatching, go through summer. Since this is the biggest UK national park, you can find a huge number of official campsites as well.

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