3 Breathtaking Camping Spots In Switzerland

Switzerland truly is a gem of a country, especially for seasoned campers. Surrounded by the Alps and the Jura mountains with the Swiss Plateau in the middle of it all, there are many breathtaking camping spots in Switzerland for you to uncover!

The countryside of Switzerland is idyllic, with green pastures getting overshadowed by the towering mountains. There you can find many well-organized campsites, as camping seems to be in Switzerland’s DNA. While Switzerland is not the most cost-effective country to visit for camping, it will surprise you with its dramatic landscape and nature.

Read on further to learn more about how camping works in Switzerland, and of course, we will show you the best camping spots there!

Camping Laws in Switzerland

When it comes to camping in Switzerland, the Everyman’s Right of Access (ERA) regulates everything behind it. ERA allows everyone to spend at least one or two nights outside the designated nature reserves. 

That essentially means that wild camping is permitted in Switzerland! You can also camp out legally in the fantastic nature of Switzerland in the comfort of your camper van or motorhome. Keep in mind that this only applies to mountainous areas above the forest lines.

With that in mind, some areas of Switzerland prohibit wild camping, such as national parks, game reserves, wild rest zones, inhabited areas, valleys, and floodplains. For example, if you light a wild campfire in these areas, you will face the risk of paying a 10.000€ fine. Because of that, there are some official fireplaces where you can make your campfire without the risk of paying a fine.

Your best chances to find wild camping spots in Switzerland are above the forest lines, numerous alpine pastures, or rocky sites. Before heading off on your camping adventure, make sure to check out the specific camping laws of a region you are situated in, as different areas have different camping laws.

What Are Some Amazing Camping Spots In Switzerland?

During winter, Switzerland attracts many skiers to its mountains. In summer, the green alpine pastures and inviting mountain peaks are a great fit for a lovely camping experience! When it comes to camping spots in Switzerland, the Interlaken region is the richest with beautiful campsites, located around two large lakes, the Thunersee and Brienzersee.

Without further ado, let’s check out some amazing spots to camp out in Switzerland!

1) Nufenenpass

Nufenenpass – NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Want to camp out in the Swiss Alps? Then Nufenenpass, one of the highest mountain passes in Switzerland, near the border with Italy, is the ideal camping spot for you!

The great thing about this alpine mountain pass is that it is easily reachable by public transport. Just hop on a bus that goes to Nufenen Pass Passhöhe, and you will be very near the top of the mountain pass, where wild camping is indeed possible. Also, there are a few facilities near the bus station, such as a restaurant and a kiosk, with car parking spots near the restaurant.

On the top, you will be met by two alpine lakes that offer amazing reflections oof the distant mountains. Also, the view from the top is incredibly panoramic and dreamlike – with alpine panoramas stretching seemingly infinitely.

It should be easy to find a flat spot that will make for a comfortable night. Ensure that you have a wind-resistant tent on the top of the Nufenenpass, as it can get very windy there. Remember that you will need to hike to spots around the two lakes, so pack accordingly! When the night comes, the starry sky will keep you amazed and wondering about the immense beauty of this spot. It’s definitely a spot for memorable stargazing.

Also, there is an official campsite nearby called Camping Nufenen. Check out the Camping Nufenen website for prices if you decide to camp there.

2) Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen valley

Located a bit south from the Interlaken area, the cliffs of Lauterbrunnen are an immensely wonderful wild camping spot in Switzerland. It is a fairly rugged area, characteristic of this part of Switzerland. Also, there are some fantastic views of the Interlaken area from this spot.

To get to Lauterbrunnen, you will need to take a train from Interlaken Ost to there. Your best bet to find a wild camping spot is to venture south from the Lauterbrunnen town. You will quickly get to a canyon and see dozens of tree-filled areas that are perfect to set up a tent and camp there for a night!

When wild camping around Lauterbrunnen, minimize wild camping fires and stay a safe distance away from inhabited areas. If you prefer official camping grounds, you can check out the nearby Camping Jungfrau.

3) Camping Arolla

Arolla camping
Glacier d’Arolla – NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

And for the end, we think it is suitable to show a camping spot that is more on the extreme side. The “extreme” here is that this is the highest campsite in Europe, situated 1,950m above sea level. Located in Val d’Hérens-Valais, this campsite is located in the base of numerous mountains that tower above the wooded area. Don’t forget to keep your temperatures high as the mountains at that elevation feature extremely cold weather, especially during the night.

There are budget and luxury options on offer for rent at this lovely campsite. Some facilities include a shared barbecue, and if you are up for a cozy read and an exchange of books – a reading box. If you are looking for an idyllic, romantic experience of the Swiss Alps area, few campsites come close to Camping Arolla.

For rates and options, check out the Camping Arolla official site!

Final Words

Switzerland attracts millions of outdoor enthusiasts each passing year. Its populace is avid outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen who enjoy spending quality time in dramatic landscapes that flow right through Switzerland’s heart. Wild camping is possible, with many breathtaking camping spots available. Camping grounds are also great options if you value a bit of comfort.

The most important thing is that Switzerland has quite an infrastructure that backs camping, producing numerous unforgettable outdoor experiences.

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