How to Decorate a Tent for a Party

How to Decorate a Tent for a Party
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Dreaming of an outdoor event? There are plenty of events you want to celebrate in the fresh air, a birthday party, an outdoor wedding, or a graduation party. To make them go wow, the first thing you need is a party tent. 

But do you know how to decorate a tent for a party?

A well-decorated party tent can transform any ordinary space into an elegant and attractive venue. Soft lighting, draped ceiling with romantic string lights, hanging crystal chandeliers, vintage wedding decor, and lots of lush greenery will turn your simple boring tent into a dream venue.

Today I will share some interesting tips on decorating a tent for a party.

Let’s Decorate a Tent for a Party!

You have already picked the best party tent depending on the need. Now you might be wondering about making it look extraordinary. Conducting an outdoor event has many benefits like freedom of space, fresh air, and your dream decor. 

Without decorations, your event tents will be a bit boring. Of course, the type of curtain you want to change looks, but in most cases, it cannot be used in some types of curtains that offer their own. So what are the tabernacle decorations? Well, it’s not as simple as you think.

Therefore, let’s dig deep into how to decorate a party tent.

Choose a Floral Canopy 

A party tent doesn’t need to cover your entire event space. Adding a beautiful floral canopy will make your event bloom. You can add them anywhere you want on the ceiling, main entrance, dance floor, center of the stage, or the middle of the setup. It always gives a dreamy natural look and makes your decor look more rustic. 

A floral canopy works for all, no matter what kind of event you are celebrating, a wedding reception, birthday party, or baby shower. Depending on the theme, you can choose the flower and style; for instance, white flowers are the best option for the wedding reception. 

Don’t like the look of your ceiling? No worries, as you can easily decorate it with fabric. Begin with getting enough lightweight fabric such as tulle, then suspend a large Hulla hoop or embroidery hoop from the center of the party tent ceiling.

You can also use a monofilament to tie the hoop to an existing chandelier, tent poles, or ductwork to make your ceiling look exotic. 

If you are worried about decorating, tent rentals have solutions to all your problems.

Romantic String Lights

Romantic String Lights
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String lights are a great addition to your party tent. By using lights with larger and more sophisticated bulbs, you can keep them as a permanent feature of the event.

Instead of overwhelming spotlights dazzling you, string lights are buzzing, especially for outdoor nighttime events. They add subtle light and shine to the entire event and sit above the main light source. 

The dreamy glow creates a unique and romantic atmosphere that goes well with outdoor party decorations. In addition, you can find lamps in almost any color, from classic gold to red, green and yellow, etc. You can then mix and match to coordinate with your decor and type of event.

To give an exotic feel, you can also twist the string lights with the tent poles. The best part of using string lights is enjoying the romantic glow on budget.

Event Tent Swing

Swings that will take you back to your childhood days. It will be a unique and fascinating feature you can add to your wedding tent. During outdoor wedding events, you can snap some memorable wedding photos. The unique wedding tent decorations ideas always grab the attention of all your guests. 

Worried about buying it? You don’t need to get out of budget and ask the party rentals.

You can place the swing either on the sides of the stage or by tent sidewalls. Also, decore the strings of the swing with the help of flowers and fairy lights.

Hanging Chandeliers

Hanging Chandeliers
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Since hanging chandeliers often have a quiet vibe, crystal chandeliers may be the best choice for your outdoor wedding event. But for events like birthdays and graduation parties, like boho rattan lamps, opts for something more relaxed. 

If you don’t want to buy them, just ask about the party rentals. Party rentals will provide you with many options, and you can choose according to your theme. The hanging chandeliers give your party tent a casual and earthy feel.

Unique Seating Area

Luxury furniture has always been a symbol of filling space smartly, giving your tent a luxurious look, from colorful sofas to patterned chairs, stage furniture, and other seating arrangements. You can highlight your decor with the right furniture. 

The tent rental company that offers tents also offers furniture for rent. And you can choose from a large collection to suit your event according to your theme or preference.

The cozy space encourages guests to stay and chat all night. Admiring the atmosphere and decoration of the party tent.

Dance Floor

Whether it’s a wedding party, birthday, bachelor’s party, or baby shower, everyone loves to dance on a happy occasion.

Portable dance floors are an ideal choice for outdoor events. Put a portable dance floor in the center of the tent. Place the DJ booth on one side of the dance floor and a bar on the other side. If the stage is small, you can host the bar in a corner along with the tent sidewalls.

Note Tent Pole Location

Note the number of pole tents and the spacing between poles. Please don’t put chairs in front of them. Otherwise, people won’t have enough room to take their seats or stand up.
Decide on a pole tent that will be the entrance. Create a flow-directing floor plan, including walkways leading to clear doorways.

Add Green Element

An outdoor wedding is important and a great option for inclement weather. The green decorations won’t protect you from the warmth, but they will give a soothing effect to your eyes. The finished product gives the pavilion the appearance of a green room.

We all know flowers give an incomplete look without the leaves. For an in-the-meadows feel, the green elements like leaves, naturally cascading florals, and small plants give your party tent a refreshing look. 

Fabric Ceiling with String Lights

Fabric Ceiling with String Lights
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The most classic party tent style, the ceiling with string lights is timeless. Line your wedding tent with chiffon, silk, or organza for a luxurious feel. Add lots of lights to your wedding reception. The impact will be more dramatic as the night darkens.

Pay Attention to the Floor

Most people pay attention to the top and sides of the tent frame but give little thought to the bottom, which is bad because you tend to miss a wonderful opportunity to decorate the party tent. Two popular ways to decorate your floor are outdoor rugs and portable dance floors.
In addition, you can also line up walkways in other spaces with potted plants, simple floor decorations, and other accents.

For a wedding tent, you can use a red carpet entrance to give a royal feel to the couple.

The Factors To Consider While Setting a Party Tent:

The Factors To Consider While Setting a Party Tent
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It is important to protect the environment when pitching a party tent. This means you must know how your decoration is doing in every area. More precisely, the tent decorations are specific in summer or autumn. In winter, on the other hand, the tent is prepared differently. Therefore, the concept applies to the decoration of both rooms.


Eating out is more dangerous than eating something inside. You may need cold water and lots of ice to refresh the food. A bedspread is best to keep birds, bugs, and other pests out of your lunch or dinner.
Remember to choose non-perishable foods for outdoor tent parties.


Once you have chosen the program you want to run, you need to know its cost. If you are budgeting, you will miss out on plans and options.
In other words, if you are planning a big event, you need to plan carefully and budget accordingly.

Wrap Up!

Decorating a party tent is the funniest thing you will do if you plan an outdoor event. People think it is a hectic job but believe me, that will be the most memorable part of your life, especially if you’re decorating your wedding tent.

A wedding venue, tent frame, colorful fabrics, paper lanterns, and flowers will help you style your space. Choosing the right theme and decorations can make less attractive areas an eye-catching reception space.

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