Simple Hacks On Making Your Tent More Comfortable

If you are an outdoorsy person, you don’t have to sleep in a tent with nothing more than a blanket and a pillow. Comfort can be achieved even if you sleep in a small tent. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. This article will show you how to make your tent more comfortable and say goodbye to sleepless freezing nights when you had nothing but a tarp that separated you from the ground. 

1) Use an air mattress for extra comfort

Air mattress

Who said that if you don’t sleep in a hotel, you cannot enjoy the comfort of sleeping on a mattress? You can opt for a double high inflatable mattress and have a relaxing time in your tent without killing your back. If you add to this advantage that a mattress is half the price of a night spent in a hotel, you will definitely conclude that you made a wise decision.

Of course, this choice has a small downside. You should get ready to spend some time to blow it up and install it in your tent. However, once you finalize the process, you will notice that you feel like you are in your real bed. Could you wish for more?

2) Bring your sheets from home

Many campers think that they will feel comfortable enough if they just bring their sleeping bags with them. You can dramatically improve your comfort level if you replace sleeping bags with your favorite sheets from home. There’s no comparison between relaxing in the woods in an impersonal sleeping bag in comparison to lying in your sheets.

You can also bring a comforter and take the coziness level to the roof. If you cannot leave the sleeping bags aside as you consider, they will protect you in the cold nights, you can better combine these two options. For extra coziness, you can add your comforter and sheets under the sleeping bag for a comfortable tent flooring. Another thing to consider when pack your camping essentials is the air mattress’ dimensions. Thus, you will take fitting sheets.

3) Throw some pillows and blankets for extra comfort


If you already took your sheets and comforter with you, why not bring some pillows and blankets too? You can take the comfort idea to the next level and choose elements that have matching colors. This idea will make you forget that you are in a tent and make it look more like home.

You can find many color combinations and ideas on Pinterest. Once you find those elements that make you feel the most comfortable, you can create a camping kit. Therefore, whenever you are ready for a new adventure with friends, you just grab the kit with you, and the situation is solved.

4) You don’t have curtains, but you surely have an eye mask

When you are in the middle of nature and have nothing to worry about, it is absolutely normal to sleep late in the morning. As the sun rises up early in the summer, you would need some curtains to keep your sleep undisturbed. Even though a normal tent doesn’t have curtains, you can sleep more if you take an eye mask with you.

With this inexpensive and smart trick, you can have an undisturbed sleep even when you go camping. You can also bring more masks with you and share it with your friends if they also want to enjoy longer sleep hours while camping.

5) Don’t forget to buy a solar-powered speaker

Solar powered speakers

What would a camping experience be without some music? You can play relaxing songs for a bit more ambiance. Luckily, technology has advanced so much that now you can find portable speakers that don’t need to be connected to electricity. Now you have a more convenient alternative, which is the solar-powered and waterproof speaker.

You can place it anywhere near the tent during the day. Thus, you will enjoy your favorite music and allow it to charge as well. When the night comes, you can take the speaker inside and create a cozy atmosphere with some of your favorite songs. We advise you to download your preferred playlist while you are still at home.

Therefore, you have everything prepared when you go camping and not get annoyed when you notice that you don’t have a signal in the respective location.

Did you know that you can also charge your phone through a solar-powered speaker?

6) Keep your tent dry with a suitable tarp

Nature is unpredictable, and the weather can change from one hour to another. When you spend so much energy adding comfort to your sleeping place, the last thing you want is your tent to get wet because of unexpected rain.

Therefore, our proposed solution is to place a tarp beneath and over the tent to keep your bed and clothes protected from getting wet.


Having a relaxing and safe camping experience is not impossible or expensive. These simple tricks on making your tent more comfortable help you enjoy the time spent with friends and worry less about how well you will sleep at night. If you want to have a memorable camping experience, it is essential to follow the same bedtime routine just like you do at home.

Therefore, you will feel that nothing has changed from the nights spent in your bedroom, except for the location. All in all, comfort during camping is no longer a taboo subject if you keep a routine, take the essentials with you, and enjoy the surroundings.

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