Wild Camping in Krk, Croatia – Experience the Voz Bay

Ever wondered what is it like to do wild camping in Krk, Croatia? You are at the right place! In August 2021., my wife and I decided to do a quick camping trip to the most populous Croatian island called Krk.

Enjoy our complete experience and hopefully, we are going to meet next summer.

Wild camping in Krk – Is it allowed?

Like everywhere in Croatia, wild camping is prohibited. Krk is the most populous island in Croatia, and its location makes it a perfect destination for tourists and locals making it one of the busiest islands during the summer season.

Krk island is located just about 250 km from the capital city and it is a perfect getaway from the city bustle. We’ve been coming to Krk for many years, and have always been interested in camping in beautiful nature Krk features.

Locals are very friendly and helpful, but when it comes to camping, it seems they will almost always tell you the same – don’t do wild camping! I believe it is mostly because they are in the tourism business renting apartments, so if they share some wild camping tips, they’d take away from their pockets. Makes sense, right?

Most of the time they’ll refer you to furnished campsites that are really nice. One year, we’ve spent around 10 days in Camp Slamni located in Klimno Bay, and it was a blast! (Shoutout to the Slamni crew!)

So to answer your question – wild camping in Krk is strictly prohibited, but the island is so huge and the police don’t usually mess with wild campers.

Don’t make wildfires, don’t litter, and try to pitch a tent away from tourist crowds and you’ll be fine.

Voz Bay is the hidden gem for wild camping

If you are looking for wild camping in Krk, then Voz Bay is your destination. The bay is situated at the beginning (north-east) of Krk, making it an attractive destination for locals. The place offers stunning views over Krk bridge, and its tranquil nature just adds up to the overall vibe.

Here is the map overview of Voz Bay in case you are wondering how to get there:

There is literally nothing from the modern infrastructure. No showers, no stores, no apartments – nothing. The closest town is Pušča which is about 4 km away. There you can find a small store, beautiful beaches, and a few public showers.

Our experience

My wife and I decided to do a quick camping trip during the weekend, so we picked Krk. We talked with some people who’ve visited Voz and they’ve told us it is a perfect spot for camping. We didn’t think much and packed our 2-person tent, sleeping bags, and a few pieces of clothes on our motorbike and left for an adventure.

Here are a few photos from our camping trip:

Beautiful view over Krk Bridge
Such a stunning view over Krk bridge is the first thing you see in the morning.
Waking up in a tent
A romantic view over the Krk bridge.
Sunset in Krk
Beautiful sunset over the bridge.
Preparing a tea
Preparing a tea before going to sleep.
resting at the beach
Resting at the beach where you can find public showers.

Here are a few tips for making your camping experience better:

  • arrive late and move your things before people start arriving on the beach – this is extra careful since we’ve heard there are random police checking after 6 AM.
  • Don’t litter and don’t burn fires since vegetation is extremely dry which makes it easy for making a wildfire.
  • Be respectful to other campers and don’t be loud
  • Take earplugs since there are some parties during the weekend

Camping in Krk was a nice experience and we are definitely going to do it again. Till the next summer.

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